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Windshield is an important component of your car. Not only is it useful for you to see the road through it, it is also useful during an accident. It keeps you from being thrown out of the car during a collision. Getting windshield replacement Frisco or repair done, whenever required is an important part of your car maintenance. Know when each is applicable.

Repairs are opted for when the crack is small and does not affect the driver's view. Replacements are opted for when the crack has spread to form a big fracture on the auto glass. Know about auto glass insurance before damage is caused.

Repair and replacement

People usually go for repairs when the windshield is damaged. To save money, replacements are avoided. But do not go for cost cutting over your safety Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. Know when replacement is necessary and get one Autel Diaglink. Avoid replacing the glass yourself and choose an expert to do the job for you. This ensures that there are no further costs incurred.


Look for auto glass insurance around your locality or online. You can request for quotes online with these companies. Go for a comprehensive coverage. Pay the premiums every month and you might save costs on windshield replacement Frisco, which otherwise will turn out to be very expensive.

What is covered?

Know what is covered in the auto glass insurance. Typically, it covers falling rocks, hails, debris, etc on the windshield. Ask the insurance company what other damages are covered. If you have only liability and collision insurance, you will not be covered for auto glass insurance. Sometimes, the insurance plan is so comprehensive that the driver may not have to pay anything for the damages.


When you have to go for windshield repair for a crack or a small chip, make sure you contact the insurance company about it. Most people do not as they assume that they will end up paying more premiums. This is not the case; 'no- fault' claims will not increase your premiums. Contact your insurance company and get more information about 'no- fault' premiums.

Comprehensive deductible

Comprehensive deductible is the amount you have to pay for damages before the insurance company benefits are payable. If your windshield replacement Frisco cost is lower than the comprehensive deductible from your insurance, you might have to pay for it yourself. Check with your dealer about the cost and then go for claims in this case.

Do- it- yourself replacement

There are do- it- yourself windshield replacement kits available these days. It is better to avoid replacing the auto glass yourself and take help of a professional for safety and cost cutting. Normally, the insurance company does not cover this kind of replacement.


Check if you really need a windshield replacement Frisco or if repair would solve the problem first. Some dealers replace the auto glass unnecessarily and charge the bill on your insurance company. Also, they might install cheap glass and charge your company for an OEM replacement. Do not fall for fraud schemes like replacement for free and others. Be informed before making a choice.

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