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If you need a car to either impress a client or maybe to impress a certain girl may I suggest that you consider the advantages of weekly car rental as opposed to the standard option. I know what you are going to say,"but I only need the car for a day or two." This may in fact be true, but consider this if you consider a weekly car rental then you are saving money.

I had a situation a few years ago come up. A guy I worked with was trying to sway a client to sign with out company, he was doing everything under the sun to get this gentleman to sign. I suggested that when the client came to town to meet that he pick the client up in a nice rental car launch x431 v+. He thought this was a great idea, so he rented a car for a couple of days, showed the client around the city all was going well, until the client showed up unannounced and saw that the man who had wowed him with his fancy car actually drove a Ford Taurus. Needless to say the client did not sign and the man in question was highly embarrassed, had he taken a weekly car rental he would have avoided this problem OBD2 Scanner.

Beyond the mentioned situation there is the financial aspect that needs to be considered when looking into a weekly car rental option. Many of the companies will offer you a much cheaper rate if you rent for the week as opposed to renting for just a couple of days. The difference in price for renting a car for a week a opposed to a day or two is quite considerable.

Weekly car rentals also have an advantage to the fact that for at least on week you can feel like a new person as you drive a car that under normal circumstances you would not be able to afford. Don't believe me let you have to drive a nice rental car for a week and see if you don't feel better about yourself.

Weekly car rentals are a wise choice both in regards to your pocketbook and in your personal life. I had to rent a car for a week while mine was in the shop being repaired. I pulled into my driveway and it was like a magnet everyone was asking me what was up with the new car, when did is get a new car just all kinds of questions. For that week I was king of my neighborhood as I had the new toy that everyone was jealous of.

S next time you decide to rent a car just for a couple of day make it a point to consider doing it gor a week. You will save money and make your neighbors jealous of you as they will want to one up you and have the better car. Just make sure to remember this article and think about the many advantages that a car for the week will be better in the long run than one for a day or two.

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