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On the road when the accident occurred rub, regardless of whether there are other parking solve mean, first of all to open the double flash, at the same time as far as possible comprehensive record each other models, color, license plate information, information content is all the better. If suddenly, at least the first time understand each other what color, what brand vehicles, hatchback, three car or SUV models, as well as the ownership and license plate tail number, accumulated evidence for late. If this kind of accident, the other vehicles will be in his car, then can lower the speed, to control the other OBD2 Scanner.

If the other party tried to escape, do not blindly chasing, often at this time run driver emotional tension and impulsive, easy to be careless with the case of small friction evolved into a major accident. Of course, also is not to say that we can completely give up out of luck, not in violation of traffic regulations and guarantee absolute safety, can follow the vehicle during the repeated confirmation, vehicle information, record route at the same time.

Here need to say a few words, no matter under what circumstances must not be forced to stop each other in a dangerous way, prevent the car never bite, also avoid the rush of illegal or accident make yourself in a passive state, not to make out its dangerous move, avoid damage. If conditions permit, can be in close proximity to the vehicle when the whistle signal.

If you're in the more remote, sparsely populated or unfamiliar areas, especially in poor light night, for security reasons, don't blindly chase, prevent some gang crime, personal and property safety threat to our people. If the accident occurred in the region of some large traffic, mixed vehicle may cause we can't keep up with the car autel maxisys ms906, this time must not chased after, confirm the vehicle information and the car to car, will quickly off the road safety area select the alarm. Of course, if there are peer personnel on the car, in the hit and run immediately after the alarm.

General traffic accident can dial 122, you can also call 110 alarm. Related information alarm platform staff will be responsible for the record we accident, and then transferred to the corresponding jurisdiction area traffic detachment process, so the alarm people must use simple and clear way of telling the occurrence of alarm time and location of the incident, after the party, simple vehicle information, and present situation, the amount of information to the whole, but a simple expression.

Also on the road, in some cases we have to learn to avoid, even if we in some way, "dangerous" vehicles also can hide hide. In addition to some of the vehicles we try to hide away, some place we are way to stay alert, reduce speed, increased attention as much as possible. Sometimes the bus suddenly out of the station, will make the rear of the vehicle not dodge, subconsciously to one side and is likely to cause an accident, so through the bus station to reduce speed is very important.

Some mixed vehicle road, or scenic areas, markets and other areas, must be slow, on street parking spaces are very common, after the road to drive on the left, and to maintain speed, avoid the sudden from the parking spaces from a car accident. Many drivers habits when he stopped at a red light, make the front passed the stop line after the stop, while the rear wheel but the line will not be seen as red light running, but I'm in a relatively narrow crossroads saw right to left turn, bend small, direct and parked vehicles left the first pre cut to rub, then escape, suffer car to turn around after is not very easy, so the intersection don't over the line but also to protect themselves.

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