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often we are asked what is involved when performing a detail service on a car. Many people know what a detail is, but just as many do not and don't fully understand what the difference between a detail and a car wash is topdon td309.

Most people either wash their own cars or at least run it through a car wash. Gainesville Detailing never recommends the later of the two and recommends to only hand wash. A detail service is a thorough top to bottom cleaning and protecting of the vehicles interior and exterior surfaces. A car wash will get your vehicle fairly clean and that is actually the first step to a full detail. When we speak of a detail service, Gainesville Detailing means a thorough cleaning and protecting of the vehicle. The difference between a detail and car wash is the fact that the detail service cleans and protects areas a normal car wash won't get to.

Having your vehicle regularly serviced with a full detail at least three times per year will keep most vehicles spotless. This schedule and frequency should be adjusted for the conditions the vehicle encounters on an average day. In Gainesville, Florida the sun beats down relentless and there are a lot of trees that give off pollen. We are also know for the Lovebug, which destroys more paint jobs every year than any other animal on the planet. If the vehicle is kept in a garage and washed fairly regularly then it will only need to be detailed every three months. If it is left outside and not washed often, then it will need to get a full detail much more often. Without giving your vehicle a full detail there is really no way to uncover problem areas that will go unnoticed with a regular car wash.

A full detail service will get areas cleaned that washing alone and wipedowns don't get. Weatherstripping is cleaned and conditioned, all of the door seals and trunk seals are cleaned and conditioned Autel MaxiCOM MK808. Every nook and cranny is go over with a brush, solution, and clean rag prior to applying protectant. During a full detail all metal is not only cleaned and washed but also polished to a high shine. Wheel well areas are scrubbed down and blacked out, not just the rim and tire. All of the interior carpets and cloth is shampooed and steam cleaned prior to having fabric protectant applied. Any leather is also cleaned and conditioned. The exterior will also be waxed when having a full detail.

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