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Most people find it very difficult to run their can with fuels like petrol and diesel as their price are extremely high. So people started using gas to run their car, but now even the price of the gas has become very high and so people find driving empty their pockets. In many places where traffic is very high the gas becomes empty very soon. In order to overcome all these problems you can find only one solution that is to drive your car on water. Seems interesting right? Let's have a look at this technique deeper. How car runs on water? It is possible to convert your car to run on water easily. You may have to include some device in your car for this to happen.

Metal plates

HHO generator


Baking soda electrolytes

Stainless steel wires.

Step one: First and foremost thing that you have to do is to construct a HHO generator. Constructing this is very easy if you follow some of the procedures which are well explained in many websites.

Step two: Now have two glass containers. Name it primary and secondary. Place the HHO generator inside the primary container and fill it half way with water.

Step three: Now add some baking soda in to it. Try to drill a hole on the cover of both containers and place a metal tube connecting both of them.

Step four: In this step you have to fill the secondary container with three fourth full of water and place another metal tube inside it connecting to the engines carburetor Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS.

Step five: Now the final process is to start the engine and slowly press the accelerator so that some reaction will be induced in the container. If you continuously give acceleration you will notice some bubbles popping out. This indicates the formation of hydrogen gas inside. As a result of this process the gas gets transferred to secondary container which eventually transfers to the carburetor. Hurray! The fuel system is ready and your car is now ready to run on water.

Here are some advantages of your car running with water. If you think your car can face some problem due to this process, then it can be clearly stated as misconception Autel MK808. This water fueling system increased the efficiency and mileage of your car to very high extent. Moreover it is very friendly to environment. Emission is very low and this helps in preventing global warming.

The cost to set up this system is very cheap. You can construct the system by yourself with some inexpensive parts. In a very low investment you can save thousands of dollars that you spend for gas. Just laugh at the increasing gas price once you fix this water fueling system.

Easy to use and construct. Just following a guide is more than enough.

If you feel some discomfort in the car after fixing this system, you can just remove the system easily or unplug the wires.

So just ride your fears out and start modeling your water fueling system to run your car with water.

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