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Vicroads HPT Test

Finding a driving school in Melbourne Victoria with a good reputation including honest and reliable driving instructors is a challenge for teenagers as the range of quality instructors is from very high to poor.

Learner drivers will search the net clicking and calling, emailing and SMSing until they hopefully find a driving school that can cater for their needs. Be it hours of operation, pricing or languages spoken.

The driving instructor's job is to prepare the learner driver for the Vicroads driving test.

Victorian Learners Permit Victoria.

The Vicroads practical driving test however is the last of 3 steps in obtaining your Victorian driver license. Before you can start driving lessons Melbourne you need to apply and pass the Vicroads Learner Permit Test. OK so you buy the hand book and brush up on your road rules, types of signage and their meanings and all relevant information. It's all in the book Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. You just need to study it. The Learner Permit Handbook is widely available to be bought in several languages and the Learners Permit test is based on that handbook. Makes sense.

Victorian Hazard Perception Test - HPT

The Vicroads Hazard Perception Test - HPT is the second step in obtaining your Victorian driver license. A learner driver may begin driving lessons in Melbourne Victoria or country Victoria prior to the Hazard Perception which can assist in passing the HPT.

The Hazard Perception Test is done in a completely unrealistic environment.

The learner sits in the Vicroads testing office, in a room with a bunch of other people who are also being tested and walking in and out of that very room, while opening and closing the door more often than not, with speakers buzzing out aloud every 5 to 10 seconds as the public queue for other Vicroads related payments and enquires.

The learner sits in front of an old PC, on a tiny monitor armed with a mouse and watching 2 dimensional video footage of a car driving down the street. The graphics if you could call it that are pathetic. If this were an Xbox game or something similar depicting driving lessons the company would be laughed out of the gaming industry for good. Driving lessons simulator indeed.

Firstly there is no material you can find to prepare or study for the HPT apart from the driving lessons you have done with your driving instructor. Driving lessons are at least the real thing so in a sense you are learning to run before you can walk. (You are learning to drive in a practical environment but being tested on a simulator although there are no means of learning on a simulator).

Another problem is when you attempt your Hazard Perception Test it's like nothing you have ever seen before. It just doesn't simulate a real environment. Not only is it not effective in what it is miserably trying to achieve but it's costing you. After failing you are not offered a detailed score sheet at where you went wrong and you cannot go back home to study further because there was no material to study in the first place. The options are basically none. OK you have 1 option. Go back, pay more money and do it again. The same unrealistic test under the same terrible conditions using graphics and technology from the 80's.

You may have done a lot of driving lessons, reached a high standard for a learner and ready for the Vicroads driving test according to your driving school or driving instructor but he cannot help now as he has no score sheet to refer to and cannot tell where the mistakes were made Autel Diaglink. You are stuck in no man's land.

So let's put this into perspective. The HPT is a test about driving a car.

Did anyone notice that during an accurate description of the Hazard Perception Test there was no mention of a driver's seat, no mention of a steering wheel, no mention of foot pedals, no mention of a horn or signals or hand brake or windscreen wipers? As a matter of fact there is no mention of anything relating to driving an actual car!

Err nice one Governor... Keeping pumping us full of Nazi style horror movie ads preaching to us what not to do and don't worry about making a genuine effort to educate teenagers in a way that works.

Vicroads needs to update the education program. Not by terrifying us with those horrific ads which cost us a mint. By introducing and budgeting for driving school Melbourne that work. By introducing new simulators, with 3D technology that teaches teenagers the modern dangers of driving in particular talking on mobile phones and texting while driving. There needs to be a real learning experience in place. Driving lessons Melbourne should be conducted from within a late model simulator going through the scenarios of what taking your eyes off the road for only 2 seconds could and do lead to in reality.

Owner director of the biggest driving schools in Melbourne and growing.
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