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Will Smith in the recently released Hancock notwithstanding (the superhero flies in this one maxidas ds808, so no super car here), generally, you can always associate superheroes with the super cars they flaunt - be it Batman's Batmobile or the X-jet Blackbird or even, the Harley from Ghost Rider. The innovative minds fashioning these mean machines leave no stone unturned, and these super cars' accessories and design would probably match up to your wildest car-fantasies.

Let us take an in-depth look at some of the most popular super cars but please bear in mind that all the details we are going to discuss are fictitious and are the figment of the creator's imagination!

First up, the Batmobile - the trusty steed of the Dark Knight needs no introduction. With an armour plated chassis and rocket boost-enabled high performance engine complemented by special devices and mounted weapons, the Batmobile is a powerhouse with good space to manoeuvre and resistant to enemy attacks and obstacles. To add to these features, there are also those additional little nuggets like a forensic kit, tiny helicopter, a remote and computer linkage to the Batcave. The Batmobile is also frequently referred to as being powered by a nuclear generation of electricity.

Next, we come to the X-men. Armed with all the latest technology, courtesy Dr. Xavier, the X-men use the fictitious aircraft, Blackbird (later renamed as the X-jet). It was quite obviously modelled on the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, a long-range, strategic reconnaissance aircraft. The original aircraft line was in service for over three decades - from 1964 to 1998, wherein 32 models of the aircraft were created. The X-men version of the blackbird was different on a couple of major aspects - the X-jet could seat multiple passengers and it was modified for ‘Vertical Take-off and Landing.'

After that we come to the newest super ‘vehicle' - not quite a car, but more than worth a mention on our list. Although the movie Ghost Rider didn't make such a lasting impression, his ride definitely did. In the movie, Nicolas Cage aka Johnny Blaze rides a ‘Buell' motorcycle to double up as a stunt cycle, and Grace', a heavily customized hard tail chopper, which transforms into the "Hell Cycle" - spewing fire and with a blazing skull at the front. The Ghost Rider's skull flames were meant to display any emotion other than rage, and hence designed to become smaller and blue.

Another superhero vehicle which catches your eye is the Swat Kats' jet - the Turbokat. Razor and T-bone love taking it out for a spin while fighting crime at the same time. The aspects of the jet include the latest weapon system plus the Vertical Take-off and Landing feature - it's a two-seater though. Also, the Turbokat holds a couple of small motorcycles within, which are used by the Swat Kats when needed.

A special mention here of Robin's motorcycle - conferred with the title of ‘Robin-mobile' is a disgrace to the batmobile and a hot contender for the worst superhero vehicle ever. However that notorious title is conferred on Spiderman's All Terrain Vehicle, christened Spidermobile - how could the writers even imagine a situation where Spiderman drives an ATV?

Well, that was a round-up of all the different superheroes' rides - my vote goes to the Batmobile, not just for its versatility but for the aesthetically-pleasing design, which puts it miles ahead of the competition x431 pro mini.

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