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The Vauxhall motability initiative is one of the most unreservedly excellent pieces of charitable work we抳e seen in a long time. The motability scheme allows disabled persons access to modern, reliable vehicles ?and lets them insure up to two second drivers on the policy that comes with it, so they can be driven to shops maxisys elite, hospitals and so on at no expense to carers. The vehicles in question are brand new and often modified with add-ons that have specific application to the less mobile driver ?parking sensors, for example.

In order to qualify for the Vauxhall motability scheme a person simply needs to possess the Higher Rate component of the disability living allowance, or to hold a War Pensioner抯 Mobility Supplement. In either case the candidate is entitled to either lease a car or take one on hire purchase with superb tax and price reduction benefits. Leasing a motability car is, in particular, a superb way for the less mobile to get reliable and affordable transport. It qualifies the lessee for an enormous list of benefits, including having their road tax paid for them, their insurance paid (with, as noted, the option to include two named care drivers for free), and their servicing and maintenance is carried out for free. All the lessee pays for is fuel and oil: nothing else.

The Vauxhall motability scheme works by converting a disability allowance directly into lease payments on the car. That means that no extra money has to be found in order to mobilise the person in question ?and on a lot of models there抯 not even an advance payment to make. One simply applies, qualifies and then selects a motability scheme car from a participating dealer (The Dickens Group, for example, participates across all its garages and forecourts). There抯 not even a credit check to worry about ?because the motability scheme is paying for the lease through the disability allowance, the money is guaranteed.

There抯 a wealth of choice available to the Vauxhall motability scheme driver, much of it free from any sort of payment outside of that taken care of by the disability allowance. The Dickens Group, for example, lists five of nine Vauxhall models available on the scheme with no advance payment at all: cars ranging from the superbly popular Vauxhall Meriva to the stylish Insignia.

In some cases, a non disabled person (i.e. a registered carer) can apply for the motability vehicle on behalf of their ward. This applies mostly to parents, or carers of disability registered children exceeding the age of three.

The Vauxhall motability scheme offers a genuinely affordable way to bring reliable transport to the people that need it most. With forecourts participating all over the country, more than half a million people are making use of the scheme already. Indeed, it抯 proven so popular and effective that businesses are actually vying with each other to attract custom autointhebox coupon code, releasing their motability cars with special additions to tempt the public (the Dickens Group, for example, is supplying some Vauxhall motability cars with free parking sensors). Anyone eligible should think about joining the throng ?it抯 simple, safe and guaranteed.

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