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It might be said that the BMW - Bavarian Motor Works - M1 model did not quite make it on the race track. Yet all in all, and no doubt, the M1 certainly and by no doubt what so ever was one of the very most spectacular road cars of the era of the nineteen seventies. No doubt about the M1 what so ever in any way or means if you met one on the roads or highways - be it on the Autobahn itself or on the highways of the American interstate or Canada's Highway Number One.

What are the history of, and the origins of this influential vehicle - the BMW M1? It seems that in the late 1970's BMW's Motorsport boss Mr. Jochen Neerpasch wanted a new racer - a brand new racing automobile product to replace the aging be winged CS coupe and fly the BMW flag on the auto racing circuits worldwide not only in the 1970's but well into the future nineteen eighties . No doubt what so ever, competition on these auto tracks would be severe and competitive. The newcomer would have to do more than elbow its way in past extensive and established competition from the well known auto manufactures of great note and endeavor Autel MaxiDiag MD808. On roads, tracks and stretches would be met the likes of Porsches in Group 4, as well as in the upcoming near future Group 5 (silhouette) racers. The gauntlet had been thrown down. No BMW road car, past or present would need to have more power, prestige or even broad appeal.

In short, BMW needed a senior league mid-engine legend - a supercar, and in a split second of timing, design and production. The result of this planning and foresight was the M1: many in the auto racing field say the best vehicle and automotive product BMW never made.

Yet the complete and full tale of the BMW M1 almost spins out more like a nightmare in its early planning and implementation stages. Neerpasch made all the right moves, but was dogged by more than exceptional bad karma from the very beginnings of overall project car inception.

It might be said that since from the first - that the M1 project itself would have disrupted the core revenue producing stream of BMW itself Autel MaxiTPMS PAD, to have the M1 engineered and manufactured by the BMW staff and production facilities itself, Neerpasch looked to what might be called in 2010 "Outsourcing" to Italy for help and outside assistance.

Overall the major decisions were easy to make, body design was entrusted to "Ital Design". Chassis design overall development and final assembly to Modenese super car specialists Lamborghini. The engine allotment was decided in favor of BMW's own 3.5 liter straight six with a 24 valve head outputting close to 300 barrel horse power bhp output OBD2 Scanner.

In the end the MW M1 became a legend not so much on the race track but rather among those who treasured the BMW line as the greatest of possessions in their toy chest. The M1 was a supreme driving machine. The ultimate driving toy of its day.

That is if you were not over 6 feet tall and did not mind a well deserved loud sounding engine and a lot of speeding and even red light tickets. A total of 450 M1's were built, 397 of them road going versions with only 53 racers.

Yet all in all it can be said. The BMW M1 was the Legend

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