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If your car stereo`s speaker is not producing the desired sound quality and if it is creating strange noises then it's high time that you look into your speaker`s condition. It is best to replace the speakers if the damage to your speaker is beyond the stage of repair and this is the article which is going to show you how to fix a car stereo speaker with ease.

To complete this task you will require a screw driver, car owner`s manual, replacement speakers, glue and a 9-volt battery.

With the help of your car`s manual first locate the position of the speakers. The speakers will either be mounted on the door or at the rear end of the vehicle. Now check whether there are any screws holding the speakers. Mostly there will be a grill protecting the speakers. In such a case remove the screws holding the grill. But if there are no screws present then try to pry the grill with the help of a butter-knife or with the help of a flat-head screw driver.

If you are unable to remove the grill, consult your car owner`s manual to check how to remove the dash board pads or door panel. After the removal of the dash board covers, remove the screws holding the speakers in its place. The speakers will be connected with the help of a harness to the doors. Remove this harness for completely detaching the speakers. You can access the speakers from inside the car if it is top mounted or from the trunk if it is bottom mounted.

To check whether the speakers are working properly, tighten the speaker`s butt connector. Now check whether there are any short behaviors by connecting the speakers to a 9-volt battery after disconnecting the speaker from the car battery. if there is a ‘pop' or a ‘thump' sound then the speaker is fine. Next check whether there is any warping present. Simple cracks can be fixed by using some special adhesives. However if the cracks are severe then it is probably a suitable time for replacing the speakers.

Next check the voice coil or the magnet for any type of damage. If the magnet is damaged then the speakers have to be replaced. If still you cannot find the source of the problem then find out whether the speakers have short circuited. This can be done by connecting a working speaker to the car`s wiring system launch x431 pro plus. If the speaker does not produce any sound then you may have to replace the speaker.

If the speakers, the voice coil and the wiring are all in order then check for blown fuses. This can be resolved by simply replacing the fuse. If there is any difficulty in locating the fuses in your car then locate the fuses with the help of your car owner`s manual launch x431 v+.

With the help of these steps you can easily fix or replace your car stereo speakers by yourself and save loads of money.

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