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When buying a car, do you A; go for brand new model and pay the full price, getting everything tailored to your taste? Or do you B; go for a second hand model at a slightly cut down price that may be full of character and style, but has been ultimately chosen by someone else, for someone else?

In one corner, it's easy to see the appeal of a new shiny metallic Jaguar XF with the exact exterior paint colour and warm charcoal leather interior you hand picked Autel Diaglink. With the extensive choice now on offer, each car can now effectively be unique. From heated seats and headrests to an electric rear window sunblind, each tiny detail you decide to add (or choose to do without) moulds your new car to your own personality. But with each of these choices adding a little (or rather a lot actually) to increase the price tag, is it really worth it?

So, why not think about buying a second hand XF? In truth the XF's can't really be that out of date anyway, 3 years at the most, so you know that you're buying something that's still very much in style. As well as that there's the obvious decrease in price, and depending on each individual car, you'd get a certain amount of the afore mentioned gadgetry already built in. You can also rest your conscience a little that you are recycling a car, instead of buying a brand new model that will have had a huge impact on the environment during its manufacture.

However, if the environmental impact does nothing to sway your choice, then if you're considering buying second hand you might need to mull over some of these points. Like the huge increase in the mileage and general wear and tear that could mean you need to factor in repair costs, and new tyres and new break pads at the very least.

Also, it's worth considering that if you're going to buy an XF second hand, you're still looking at 38 to 40 thousand so why not pay a little more to have it custom made to your own tastes? Heated outside windows here or a voice activated navigation system there?

Although luxury has always been high on the agenda at Jaguar it has never been forgotten that in essence a car should simply be able to get you comfortably and safely from A to B, have enough seats for the passengers, and hopefully enough boot space for their luggage. The XF is a brilliant model whether it's filled with extras or not. It's improvement in space over the S-type is great, from the added boot space to the heightened headroom. So however much you feel (or don't feel) you really need all those little gadgets and options that make your vehicle individual Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS, at the end of the day, a new or used Jaguar XF is going to be a good investment.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Jaguar cars.
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